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WTH is…music education?!

Tyson chats with Melonie about what’s more difficult: being a woman, being Asian or listening to jazz.

Was so fun to be featured on podcast of good friend, Tyson Fok.

Already an honor to play on the theme song (composed by Justin Grinnell), but was so wonderful to have a meaningful conversation about a myriad of topics, discovering many shared experiences, and similar challenges reconciling assimilation and heritage, being a 1st gen US born Asian-American.

Hope you'll check out the podcast series. Tyson has a great casual interviewer style, able to speak thoughtfully about many disciplines with an open and philosophical approach!

Check out the original theme song of Tyson's podcast

(written by Justin Grinnell)

Winner of Fortissimo Paul Shaghoian Jazz Educator Award 2022

CMEA Southern Border Section

So honored to be recognized by my esteemed colleagues! Grateful for our supportive music community (educators, students, families) who tirelessly work with passion and heart to keep music alive for generations to come.


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